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Vote Leave - Save The British Curry Day

3rd June 2016

Vote Leave - Save The British Curry Day


Hundreds of restaurants across the country came together to take part in Vote Leave’s Save The British Curry Day to highlight the plight of curry houses on Thursday 2nd June 2016. Curry house owners, MPs and Vote Leave supporters all took part.


Gordon Henderson, Member of Parliament for Sittingbourne and Sheppey visited Maharani in Sittingbourne to lend his support to the cause. Across the South East, 16 curry houses took part in areas such as Woking, St Albans and Minster-on-Sea.


With between 3 to 5 curry houses closing down each week despite contributing £4 billion to the British economy each year, the day highlights the shortages of qualified staff due to the EU’s biased immigration policy. While we stay in the EU we have no control over our borders, meaning the UK cannot prioritise the skills we need - such as the trained tandoori chefs our curry houses need to serve delicious dishes, like the great British Tikka Masala.


Gordon Henderson MP, who took part in the day said: “By voting to leave on 23rd June 2016, we are voting to stop immigration bias, we are voting to take back control of our borders, we are voting for a policy that supports businesses and the economy.”


Commenting on the Curry Day, Pasha Khandaker of the Bangladesh Caterers Association said, “It is great to see Vote Leave highlighting the struggle faced by restaurants up and down the country. Once we Vote Leave we can take back control of our own immigration policy and welcome skilled workers into Britain under a fairer, more humane immigration policy.”


Mr Henderson added “Curry is a national dish in Britain. Curry houses in my area and across the nation not only support the stomachs of the public, but are also valuable contributors to the economy. We need to Vote Leave to back these businesses.”