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DMC Healthcare Sheppey Update

Below is a copy of the letter sent to the 9000 patients (most of whom live on Sheppey, but some in Sittingbourne) who will be affected by the decision of the Kent & Medway Clinical Commissioning Group (CCG) to not renew the contract DMC have to supply GP services.


I have been assured separately by the CCG that they have liaised with other local GPs who have agreed to take on extra patients, however, I remain concerned about a number of aspects of the CCG decision and will continue to pursue these with them. Those concerns are:-


1) Why was the contract with DMC not renewed?


2) What steps is the CCG taking to identify another provider to take over the contract and if not, why not?


3) The CCG extended the DMC contract from its original end date of 30th September 2021 until November 31st 2021. Why has the contract not been extended for a longer period in order for:-

a)  the CCG to find a replacement provider,

b)  give DMC patients more time to register with another GP.


4) Why was the letter to DMC patients only sent out this month?


5) I am concerned that for one reason or another some patients might not have received the letter (if anybody is aware of this I would be grateful if they would contact my office). What is the CCG doing to identify such people?


6) Even if the other GPs identified by the CCG are willing to take on more patients how will this affect the service offered to existing patients? I know many people already find it difficult to make an appointment to see their doctors already, what is the CCG doing to:-

a) Review the capability of other GPs to take on other patients, and

b) Monitor the situation going forward.


Finally, if any DMC patient is having difficulty registering with another GP, or contacting the CCG on the helpline telephone number shown in the letter they sent, I would urge them to contact my office and I will do what I can to help.